Back to my roots…

philip-7It’s been ages since I updated this site, but there’s a very good reason for it now.

Last week I was working for TV Asahi from Japan, and it struck me that, as a freelance journalist, all I have is my name.

For years I’ve had a corporate website but the other day I came to the realisation that literally no-one cares about it.

The only reason people hire me is because they know me or they are familiar with my work.

I originally registered this domain to stop anyone else from impersonating me (something which happened on Twitter recently, and I had to get them to remove a fake account pretending to be me), but I’ve decided to place my journalistic eggs in this particular basket for the future.

As a freelancer, there’s no point in having a “brand” (ugh!) that isn’t directly related to who you are. There’s no point in having a company when people want to hire the individual

With that in mind, I’ll be updating these pages more regularly to reflect what I’m doing in my working life – and with the wWinter Olympics done and the World Cup coming up, there will be plenty to choose from.

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