I’m a multimedia journalist, author and content creator based in Stockholm, Sweden, where I cover everything from sports to news and politics for a broad range of media clients.

A native English speaker and fluent in Swedish, I work with text, video and pictures to give your viewers and readers the inside track on what’s going on. I’ve covered everything from suburban riots and general elections to some of the biggest sporting events on the planet.

My strengths? A strong news sense and a bag of gadgets. Aside from my formal education in media & communications science and journalism, much of what I have learned has been taught to me by superb reporters and editors at the likes of Reuters and Irish state broadcaster RTE.

I take what they have taught me – and whatever anyone tells you, you can always learn something new – and combine it with cameras, microphones and a wide variety of apps and technologies to create and deliver compelling content for the digital age.

This means features that work just as well in print as they do online, with added value in the form of video and images. An experienced radio contributor, I use an app called Luci Lite to give radio stations top-quality sound to go with insightful reporting.

And for video clients, I work in partnership with Newsflare to deliver breaking news and sports video, with pin-sharp pictures and high-quality audio.

I also offer media organisations the benefit of my experience by presenting seminars on multi-media journalism, covering  workflows, tools and technologies and how to use them effectively in the field.

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